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Ninjutsu BlackBelt Home Study Course

Doshi Richard Van Donk (Bujinkan Senior DaiShihan-15th Dan), made over 50 trips to train in Japan, carefully and strategically crafted for you and easy to learn step by step system your learning Ninpo Taijutsu / Ninjutsu, the art of the Ninja. Studied worldwide in 100+ countries. REAL training. This is not a rank mill. It will take you about 2.5 to 3.5 years to get your Shodan with much hard work and perseverance. IBDA’s additional courses will take you from Beginner to Master. Countless others have achieved this. Why Not You?


Learn the Ninpo Taijutsu/Ninjutsu “arts of the Ninja”
that is no longer taught in Japan anymore.

Easy to Learn Instruction!

Punching – Kicking – Exotic Weapons – Stealth – Postures – Grappling – Rolling – Meditation – Inner Power – Sword – Shinobi Iri – Throws – Submission – Body Conditioning – Chokes – Spiritual Refinement




Ninjutsu BlackBelt Home Study Course
In the Binder with 11 DVD’s

In the Shodan Training Manual
The Comprehensive and progressive training Dvds are great training tool but a step-by-step Ninjutsu training manual with

  • How to Train
  • How to Rank Test
  • History of the Art
  • Main Instructor Bios
  • Ninjutsu Training Concepts 
  • Ninpo Philosophy 
  • Pressure Point Diagrams
  • Main Posture Posters
  • Spiritual practices and Meditations 
  • 9th kyu to Shodan Techniques
  • Terminology Glossary

All the techniques from Beginner 9th Kyu to Shodan (1st Degree BlackBelt) are written out step-by-step and include detailed how to pictures of the techniques presented on the DVDs. This is a great asset to help you learn the Ninja art. Plus everything is in a special designed binder which also holds your study DVDs so that you can take the Ninjutsu Course with you anywhere, making it a true Distance Learning Ninjutsu/Ninpo Taijutsu Course.

As Low as $25 month.

Total Course Value = over $600+
Your Price Only $297.00
Save at least $321.00

Here is what you will learn on each of the
11 DVD’s Level by Level

9th Kyu DVD – Ninjutsu Beginner’s Level 1 DVD –


Building your Foundation.   Learn the proper Ninjutsu bowing-in procedures, how to tie your belt, how to warm up and stretch before training. You learn the basic standing postures of Seiza, Hira & Ichimonji no kamae. This dvd teaches you basic forward & backward rolls and breakfalls (how to go to the ground without getting hurt) as well as the basic punches and kicks of Ninjutsu. Covers how to be out of the way of attacks with proper evasion by using your body effectively.   You’ll begin learning the Sanshin no kata, a set of 5 elemental movement forms which teach very important principles of movement and feeling. At 9th Kyu level you’ll learn the basic Chi or earth feeling form of the Sanshin. Intro Level – Basic Body conditioning, Belt tying, Bowing, Movement Basics, Natural Postures of Shizen, Seiza & Ichimonji, Earth Form, Evasion, Rolling, Basic Punching and Kicking. 1 hour

8th Kyu DVD  Ninjutsu Beginner’s Level 2 DVD

The focus of this DVD is taihenjutsu or basic falling, leaping & evasion skills. The foundation for all of the more advanced techniques you will learn rests upon your ability to move fluidly and go to the ground without fear.   In 8th Kyu you’ll work more on your rolling & body movement skills as well as adding the postures of Hoko, Doko & Jumonji no kamae. You’ll learn Omote & Ura Gyaku (inside and outside basic wrist grabs & reversals) as well as Tehodoki (basic wrist escapes) & basic Hanbo (3 ft staff) movements. Continuing the Sanshin no kata you’ll learn the basic Sui or water feeling form movement.   At 8th kyu you will be introduced to the Kihon Happo movements, the fundamental ways of moving upon which our art and most all of the martial arts are based. From this level on up you will need a partner to work out with. Ichimonji no kata is the first movement drill you will learn from the Kihon Happo.   Wrist grabs – Locks and escapes, Cartwheels, Weapon- Hanbo (3ft wooden staff), Water form, Being a training partner (Uke), Blocks, Escape from grabs, Striking techniques. Jumonji, Hoko and Doko No Kamae. 1 hour

7th Kyu DVD – Ninjutsu Beginner’s Level 3 DVD

Emphasis at this level is on having more flowing body movement with less effort. You need to be able to go to the ground effectively and be able to take your partner off balance using your body movement rather than muscle.   You will learn side rolls, more advanced back rolls, standing, forward, backward & sideways breakfalls. The postures of Kosei, Hicho & Ihen no kamae are covered as well as Shuto (cupped hand) strikes & backward and sideways kicks. More punching drills, Kihon Happo & the Sanshin forms of Ka (fire) & Fu (wind) as well as the Gyaku Waza (wrist reversals) techniques of Omote Oni Kudaki & Hon Gyaku. Basic tanto (knife) techniques are also covered.   Advanced Rolling methods, Breakfalls, Kicks, Fire & Wind feeling forms (Sanshin), Beginning grappling (Kihon Happo), understanding knife attacks, Postures: Ihen, Kosei, & Hicho, Posture flow drill, Oni-kudaki. 1 hour

6th Kyu DVD  Ninjutsu Course Intermediate Level 4 DVD

At this level in your taihenjutsu (body movement skills) you should be able to roll without using your hands so that you can either pick up a weapon or take down an attacker as you are rolling.   This dvd covers how to do this as well as Shiho Tenchi Tobi (4-way leaping skills), Shiho Geri (4-way kicking) and Sokoyaku Ken (heel/sole foot dance). You’ll learn the last set of the Sanshin no kata, the Ku or void feeling form. From the Kihon Happo you’ll practice the Jumonji no kata (crossed hand posture movement drill) & Musha Dori.   The Kusari fundo, a weighted chain, is the weapon focus for this level (we always use a rope version for safety when training with a partner).   The importance of meditation & diet are briefly covered as well. Leaping skills in several directions, Thumb striking, Void feeling form, Medium level Grappling, Kusari Fundo- (Rope/Chain) techniques, Advanced kicking including 4-way (Shiho Tenchi Tobi). Meditation, Diet, More Kihon Happo. 1 hour

5th Kyu DVD – Ninjutsu Course Intermediate Level 5 DVD

The focus at this level is learning the Kihon Happo movements with efficiency and knowledge of the Japanese names for each technique. This level is a major step and accuracy as well as good body flow is a must.   Advanced kicking & punching methods practiced while going to the ground as well as Muto Dori Gata (empty handed sword evasion forms) are on this dvd. You will learn how to strike using the Boshi Ken (thumb fist) & Shako Ken (claw fist), and to kick using Kakushi Geri & Sampo Geri forms.   Continuing the Kihon Happo you will learn Hicho no kata (flying bird form movement drill) and Ganseki Nage (beginning throwing forms).   Basic grappling forms are also covered at this level and the weapon focus for this level is Shuriken (throwing stars). Sword evasion forms, Medium level Grappling (Kihon Happo), Body grab escapes, Shuriken techniques, Beginning throws (Nage), advanced kicking and punching methods also done while falling. 1 hour


4th Kyu DVD – Ninjutsu Course Intermediate Level 6 DVD

At this level you need to be proficient at taking your opponent off balance. This DVD reviews how important balance is in your training and in your life. You’ll also find jumping kicks, jumping & diving rolls, running up surfaces, wrist breaking techniques, leg sweeps & how to counter kicks all on this dvd.   The weapon focus for 4th Kyu is the Rokushaku Bo (6ft staff) and you will learn basic strikes & distancing for this weapon. Jumping kicks, Countering Kicking attacks, leg sweeps, wrist breaking techniques, 6ft bo staff training (basic and advanced), Rolls (jumping and diving), Flying techniques.
1 hour

3rd Kyu DVD – Ninjutsu Course Intermediate Level 7 DVD

At this point in your training your attention should be on your partner’s body and the effects that your movement and technique have on your partner. This dvd reviews the importance of this as well as introducing the sword, including how to hold it, 10 different sword kamae (postures) and the basic movements and cuts from each of the 10 postures.   Advanced Taisabaki (body evasion) is covered on this tape, paying specific attention to distancing & timing, as well as advanced Ganseki Nage (throwing forms), power moves & damaging blows to crush your opponent.   Sword postures (10 different kamae) , basic movement and cutting from each one, Throwing skills of ganseki forms, Silent movement, using nature, Fist and body harmony, power moves, damaging blows crush your opponent. 1 hour 

2nd Kyu DVD – Ninjutsu Course Advanced Level 8 DVD

This level focuses on advanced falling, leaping, and evasion skills. Kuten (front handspring), Noburi kata (climbing trees, buildings, poles), and Suwari gata (kneeling forms): wrist grabs, reversals, throws and kicks from a kneeling position are shown.   You’ll learn five new strikes: Shuki ken (hand start fist), Sakki ken (foot start fist), Shishin ken (finger needle strike) and Happa ken (eight leaf fist) as well as Tai ken, the use of the whole body as a fist. Koppo jutsu or bone attacks and Shime waza go kata (the five strangle hold/choking techniques) are also taught on this dvd.   Weapon focus on this video is the proper use of Shuko (hand claws) and Kenjutsu Shinobi Iai the art of properly drawing a sword. Short discussion on using dreams as insight into things that are happening in your life. Choking and strangulation holds, Knee and elbow strikes, Bone attacks, Climbing trees skills, How to draw a Sword several ways, Fighting from sitting and kneeling, Hand claws, Dream work. 1 hour

1st Kyu DVD  Ninjutsu Course Advanced Level 9 DVD

This DVD covers Stealth movement and Gotonpo (body concealment methods using nature to escape). Koshijutsu (organ and muscle attacks) are taught using points on the wrists, arms, shoulders, throat, face, back, chest and legs etc.   Advanced throwing variations (henka) from the Kihon Happo movements of Ura Gyaku, Omote Gyaku, Musha Dori and Ganseki Nage are shown as well as Koshi nage (hip throws), Itami nage (pain throws) and a rare demonstration of Kuki nage (throwing without touching your opponent by using energy and intent only- no body contact).   Weapon focus is the Kyoketsu shoge (long rope with circular ring on one end and a double bladed dagger on the other) and how to use Metsubushi (blinding powder). Stealth, Escaping from danger using nature (Gotonpo), Advanced throws (Nage waza), Organ and muscle attacks of Koshijutsu, Variations of advanced grappling forms, Rare Shoge weapon, Metsubushi blinding powders. 1 hour.


Knife and gun disarms, how to deal with multiple attackers, Kihon Happo reversing and countering techniques as well as natural taijutsu (body movement) with a gun.
Breaking body balance, flowing from technique to technique, capturing the essence of the techniques, and getting your life to work for you are all covered on this DVD. If you have really been practicing, by this level of your training your life should be very different than when you first started training. You will be more confident, more relaxed and generally a happier, more aware, and more conscious human being. Knife and gun disarms, Handling multiple attackers, Reversing/countering techniques, Natural Gun shooting, breaking body balance, flowing technique to technique, capturing the feeling, Randori. Now you are ready to really train! 
1 hour. 

 If you get your Physical Ninjutsu / Ninpo Taijutsu Black Belt
Course right now you’ll also get these

FREE BONUS #1– Shodan 316 page Manual @ NOT FOR SALE  

The Comprehensive and progressive training Dvds are great training tool and a step-by-step Ninjutsu training manual with all the required testing 

information, history of the art and bios main instructors, concepts of Ninjutsu training, Ninpo Philosophy, diagrams, poster pages displaying the main postures, terminology glossary, Spiritual practices, Kuji-in, Kuji-Kiri, and Meditations, and the 9th kyu to Shodan techniques are written out step-by-step with detailed how to pictures of each of the techniques presented on the dvds. This is a great asset to help you learn the art. Plus everything is in a special designed notebook binder that you can take it anywhere with you making it a true Ninjutsu / Ninpo Taijutsu Distance Learning Course AND the IBDA Dojo Curriculum.

YOU CANNOT BUY THIS BINDER MANUAL FROM US as it ONLY cones with the course. You can get this material if you get the 3 Shodan Manuals at $34.95 each.  This Binder Shodan Manual is designed Only for this Program and contains the 11 DVDs.


FREE BONUS #2– Japanese Phrases Audio @ $19.95  

Japanese is a difficult language to learn and we are learning a Japanese art with lots of terminology in it’s original language. This is not hard to learn if you are learning a technique at a time with a name attached to it, as you are just naming something. But being able to pronounce it right, Ah,,, I don’t know about you but I need some help here. DaiShihan Linda Van Donk after hearing some rather interesting training terminology said in a very funny way (can’t write it here) sat down and scripted out all the important Japanese words that we use in training up to Shodan. Then She recorded it on an Audio cd for the students (many thanks to her!). This Ninjutsu terminology Audio cd says the phase in Japanese and then in English with a slight pause so you can repeat it out loud. What a difference it makes. This normally sells for $19.95 and we threw it in the set for FREE.


FREE BONUS #3– Ranking Registration @ $125.00 

In order to receive certified rank with IBDA you must be a registered student and a current IBDA Member (which is separate from getting this course). Not all students who train with us through the distant learning course or in the dojo desire to test for ranking. If you do then a Bushindo Martial Arts University registration fee establishes you as a student. When you purchase the Ninjutsu – Ninpo Taijutsu BlackBelt Course from us (and not a used course from a garage sale, knockoff eBay course, etc.) you will be given a designated enrollment certificate made out in the name of the person purchasing the course (or their designated person – non-transferable) allowing you to test with us. If you bought elsewhere as described then there is a University Registration Fee of $125- Get the Ninjutsu – Ninpo Taijutsu BlackBelt Course with us and it’s Free. $125 value! A free Bonus! 


FREE BONUS #4– Ranking Feedback and Testing by Video Opportunity (Up to 1st Kyu)


For those that have no IBDA instructor nearby them yet then the can rank with us by submitting a test video of the level requirements and get deep written feedback on how to better their studies of the art. Or you can book a Skype session to test and instruction to further your studies.


This feedback is invaluable. You can test for 9 levels by video feedback and then your Ninjutsu – Ninpo Taijutsu BlackBelt test will be in person at an IBDA Dojo, private session, seminar or at the annual Tai Kai event. These are real ranks and you will earn them!


All International Bujinkan Dojo Association Ninpo Taijutsu ranking certification will be signed by Doshi Richard Van Donk.

FREE BONUS #5– IBDA Online Members Only Facebook Study Group


vaultSome people say “how can I train without a teacher to ask questions to?”. What if I’m not sure about a technique. Yeah, I know you give quality feedback at testing but I want to get it right before I test. Also, It would be nice to chat with other people who are in the training and even share things that I am learning with others. We listened and have created a Private IBDA ONLY students Facebook Study Group hosted by Shihan James Clum (Judan+). Again, This is a training MEMBERS only PRIVATE FB Group Not or Public One that is also great. It is for education and study not well let’s just say bs. Doshi Richard Van Donk visits when his time permits and higher level blackbelts administrates it. Check this out! Invaluable FREE BONUS!


FREE BONUS #6– A life of fun and safety @ priceless!


ray-ricardo-enjoyTrainingThis Ninjutsu – Ninpo Taijutsu Course will change and impact anyone’s life that studies it. Sure self defense is valuable but the people you will meet and the life experiences it teaches you are by far much more valuable. I haven’t found anyone who has reached BlackBelt with us that would give up up what they have learned and the people they have developed relationships for $50,000. Now that’s a return on an investment. Over $50,000 value for only $349- and a little fun effort.



Total Course Value = over $600+
Your Price Only $297.00
Save at least $321.00





Qualities That Becoming a BlackBelt Can Give You Include:

Respect for yourself and others, Body Conditioning, A ‘Never give up’ Attitude, Perseverance, Endurance, the Ability to go past preconceived limits, Focus, Concentration, Increased Self-confidence, Self-esteem, Self- assuredness, Awareness, Goal setting, and Achievement, A new family of friends, Emotional balance, Self defense, personal survival, How to be a teacher, perform in public, public speaking
Spiritual concentration, How to direct energy, Mental sharpness Competitiveness, Flexibility, Not to fear, feel safe, how to listen, to follow instruction Leadership, Responsibility, Peace, Resolve Personal Mastery,
Co-ordination, and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!

Which one of the above qualities could change your life?

rvd-lanchaI never imagined how my life would change from studying the martial arts. Yes, I expected a lot from it but there is no way that from that first time I entered a dojo I ever thought that I might get to the second level belt, much less get to a Black Belt. In fact it was only after two years of hard

training that I saw the glimmer of the possibility of becoming a brown belt. And after achieving that it took a few more years of dedication to reach Black belt.

Since that time I have traveled the world teaching and training with many great Grandmasters and became a personal student of several of these Grandmasters, including Soke Masaaki Hatsumi who shared with me his wonderful art of Ninjutsu-Ninpo Taijutsu.

I now have several students who have been promoted to 10th dan (degree-5th level) by him and the International Bujinkan Dojos. Amazing. My life has been blessed.

Join us on this path and start your journey today. We love what we do and are excited and passionate about it. You’ll soon experience why.


Okay… You made it this far without enrolling yet. Let’s get a little more personal together.

I really appreciate your reading this far (or skipping your way down here). I do hope that you join us in our Ninjutsu -Ninpo Taijutsu Training and that I get an opportunity to meet you one day. The Shodan Course is the Beginning. We have a Shidoshi Teachers Course and dan levels studies to 10th dan.

I have done my best to tell you in so many ways how this course can changed your life. Why? Because I have lived it and it has changed my life and thousands of other peoples. I know that it can change yours as well. I am sorry if I have been too bold but sometimes that is what it takes to get someone to take action on something that they are interested in.

I am not looking for a quick dollar, I already mastered that many, many years ago. I am not really even looking for a lot more students, as I mostly only teach teachers now. I am looking to change lives. I love to inspire people to live their lives with passion. Martial Arts teach inner harmony and freedom while you are learning to defend yourself and your family. This small amount of money can do just that. Well, you must add a lot of training, and perseverance. But that is the fun part.

I cannot promise that if you check back later that this offer will still be available at that time.

See you on the mat!


Doshi Richard Van Donk, 15th dan Bujinkan Senior DaiShihan

Personal Student of Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi since the mid 1980’s



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Shodan Manual in Sections
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Kuji-in / Kuji- Kiri
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Comment on any lesson
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Japan Rank Opportunity

Lifetime Studies await you

IBDA has taken hundreds of students from a true beginner to Master level.
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We take you from White Belt to BlackBelt in 2½ years – 4 Years depending on how hard you train.

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